Re-Thinking History by Keith Jenkins

This is a higher education book looking at what history is.


History means many things to many people. But finding an answer to the question ‘What is history?’ is a task few feel equipped to answer nowadays. And yet, at the same time, history has never been more popular – whether in the press, on the television or at the movies. In understanding our present it seems we cannot escape the past. So if you want to explore this tantalising subject, where do you start? What are the critical skills you need to begin to make sense of the past? Keith Jenkins’ book is the perfect introduction. In clear, concise prose it guides the reader through the controversies and debates that surround historical thinking at the present time, and offers readers the means to make their own discoveries.

This is a short introduction book – only 70 pages. It is a bit heavy going however. Jenkins does not have an easy-to-understand writing style however I did get 6 pages of notes from this book. He looks at how history is written, the difference between the past and history, the debate about whether history is art or science and different discourses in history. This book is full of information and excellent for core university courses based on studying history.



One Response to “Re-Thinking History by Keith Jenkins”

  1. batguano101 Says:

    Your point is well made.
    Today we have greater input heavily weighed toward disinformation, social engineering, and psyops than before, not that intentional twisting of events past were not a regular part of published accounts only the intense effort and volume of this activity is now overwhelming.

    The truth is hard to come by in all times, more so today.
    Critical reading of history is very important today.

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