Christian Books – TBR List and Already Read

Christian book currently reading:

Sharon James: God’s Design for Women

Joyce Huggett: Listening to God

Here is a list of all the Christian books I plan to read/have read. As I won’t be getting rid of them once read and will re-read them I won’t have them on my main To Be Read pile.

Have Read:

  • Meyer: Expect a Move of God…Suddenly! 10/09/2009
  • Driscoll: The Radical Reformission 07/09/2009
  • Mahlou: Blest Atheist 28/06/2009
  • Keller: The Prodigal God 17/05/2009
  • Bunyan: The Pilgrim’s Progress 11/02/2009
  • Piper: Heaven is Real 20/01/2009
  • Zschech: The Kiss of Heaven 11/01/2009
  • Meyer: The Power of Simple Prayer 08/01/2009
  • Swinney: Through The Dark Woods 31/12/2008
  • Young: The Shack 24/12/2008
  • Wilson: Deluded by Dawkins? 1/12/2008
  • Wilson: Incomparable 4/10/2008
  • John: Ten 23/09/2008
  • Hybels: Nice Girls Don’t Change the World 15/09/2008
  • Piper: The Passion of Jesus Christ 3/09/2008

To Read:

  1. Rees Larcombe: Leaning on a Spider’s Web
  2. Driscoll: Vintage Jesus
  3. Drew: The Ancient Love Song
  4. Huggett: Listening to God
  5. James: God’s Design For Women
  6. Whitney: Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

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